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How It Works

Becoming a member of Xtreme Marketing Code is Xtremely simple.

Our Structure

XMC Explained

Pay the $97 yearly admin/hosting/resale rights fees. Then choose which tier is best for you. Please note that these fees will be only $50 each year after for all returning members.

Tier 1 is our in-house auto-responder system and material for you to use to market your business. The cost is $40. Your first sale is $40 paid directly to you giving you a full return. Your second (2nd) sale goes as follows; $20 to you and $20 to your admin. Your second (2nd) sale is your qualifier.

Once qualified, each sale hereafter goes as follows; $20 to you and $20 to your inviter.

If someone signs up under you at a higher tier you will not receive commissions from their Tier 2 sales.

Keep in mind that you now have resale rights to XMC. This system is all about residual income. The bigger your team, the more residual income and more commissions.

Tier 2 is our Xtreme Marketing Suite.Products include

  • – Xtreme SMS
  • – Xtreme Voice Broadcasting
  • – Xtreme Capture Page Builder
  • – Xtreme Voiceless Voicemail Drop

The cost of Tier 2 is $200. This is a great deal for all the products XMC has to offer, with no monthly fees.

Just like Tier 1, your first sale will be $200 paid directly to you giving you full return. Your second (2nd) sale which is your qualifier goes as follows; $150 goes to your inviter and $50 goes to admin. This is your one pass up.

Once you are qualified each sale you make will go as follows; $100 to YOU, $50 to your inviter, and $50 to admin.


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Your Premiere Marketing Solution