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Privacy and Anti-Spam Policies




The following terms and information (ending at “Warranty Disclaimer”) constitute an introduction to the concept of spam and the general contours of a responsible, permission-based campaign. This general information is not an exclusive source for applicable laws, guidelines, and compliance responsibilities pertaining to your use of REAL VIEW PROMOTIONS INC’s and XTREME MARKETING CODE service. In the event of any conflict between the information below and any law or industry regulation, you are to observe the applicable law or regulation.

  • What is spam? Spam is any type of unsolicited message. You should not assume that an existing relationship with any message recipient constitutes permission to send messages. For example, if a customer disclosed a mobile number in the course of business but did not give you specific permission to send messages, you cannot send messages to that number. Before using REAL VIEW PROMOTIONS INC’s service, you agree to review and abide by the following linked resources and to check for any revisions, as they may be amended over time.
  • What constitutes consent? As required by law, all message recipients must be clearly and fully notified of (1) the collection of their contact information, (2) the purpose of its collection, and (3) the use of their contact information, and they must give explicit consent prior to receiving your call or message. The required record of consent differs depending on the nature of your message. Solicitation messages require prior WRITTEN consent. You must obtain consent even if you have had prior business relations with the recipients. Purchasing a product or service from you, participating in an event with you, or “liking” or “following” your business on Facebook or Twitter does not constitute consent to receiving messages from you. If you require confirmations of opt-ins to your service but do not receive a response from a given contact, you do not have sufficient consent and may not send messages to that contact.
  • What constitutes prior express written consent? If you are sending text or voice solicitations, your campaign must meet the “prior express written consent” standard. The revised TCPA rule defines prior express written consent as a signed written agreement that clearly and conspicuously discloses the following to the consumer.
    • Signing the agreement authorizes the seller to deliver telemarketing messages to a designated phone number by use of an automatic telephone dialing system.
    • The consumer is not required to sign the agreement or agree to enter into it as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services.
  • As indicated in the ESIGN Act, the required signature may be obtained via email, online form, text message, telephone keypad, or voice recording. For more details on the revised TCPA regulation, click here.
  • You agree that you will not access or otherwise use any third-party list of email addresses or phone numbers or otherwise engage in unsolicited messaging in connection with our service.
  • You agree to all terms set forth in REAL VIEW PROMOTIONS INC and XTREME MARKETING CODE Import Policy, Private Policy and Anti-Spam Policy.
  • You agree that you will import, add, edit, access and otherwise use in connection with REAL VIEW PROMOTIONS INC’s service only contact information with proof, which you shall retain, of each subscriber’s’ prior express written consent to receive solicitation from you. REAL VIEW PROMOTIONS INC reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to deny access to import functions, to impose a stringent qualification process, to require proof of consent or opt-in method, or to require documentation of your or your organization’s legal identity.
  • You agree to represent truthfully your identity, the identity of your organization, your product or service, availability, pricing, benefits, and any other offering aspects to your subscribers in all messages.
  • You agree to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations as well as general practices governing your content or promotion type.
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